Marcy Reda, LCSW/Oakland Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults and Teens

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) for People of All Sexualities and Genders

Helping people better understand and express their emotions, become more accepting of themselves, find more effective ways to cope with difficulties, and build more secure and satisfying relationships for over 20 years.


You Matter. Your Relationships Matter. Sometimes it's hard to balance both.


When you connect with others in an open and authentic way, it can feel pretty amazing. Being understood, valued, cared for, and known is something almost everyone craves. It's part of being human. And yet so many things can get in the way:

  • Your relationship gets stuck in distressing cycles of conflict, and even "little things" cause fights.

  • You hide your true feelings and needs to keep the peace or accommodate others.

  • Others see you as successful, but on the inside you feel inadequate, vulnerable, or like a fraud.

  • You are preoccupied by depression, anxiety, or past trauma and unable to feel present with others.

  • You want a romantic relationship, or closer friendships, but feel lost about how to make that happen.

You deserve to feel connected.

Psychotherapy can provide the security and compassion you need to make new discoveries about yourself, your feelings, and your relationships. Together we'll help you understand what you want, what's been getting in your way, and how to move towards more satisfying, authentic, and honest relationships.

Let's talk.

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Individual Psychotherapy:

Better understand your thoughts, feelings, choices, and desires, develop a kinder relationship with yourself, move towards more satisfying connections with others,  and explore ways to more effectively cope with difficult situations.

Marcy Reda, LCSW/Oakland Psychotherapist

Couples Therapy:

I am Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), and can help you become more aware of your not-so-helpful cycles of interacting, improve your ability to understand and express your needs and desires, increase intimacy, and rebuild a sense of safety and trust. 

Psychotherapy That Values The Unique You:

 I have extensive experience and affinity with LGBTQ and gender-queer people, and welcome individuals and couples from all walks of life. I have a strong commitment to honoring diversity in all its forms--race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion and economic background--and welcome exploration of the many ways your unique identities impact your life and our work together.

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