I help individuals and couples with a variety of concerns, and have particular interest and experience in working with the following:


People with childhood sexual trauma and/or physical abuse, or who experienced growing up in chaotic or neglectful environments. These histories often create a sense of fear, distrust, shame, grief and anger, even decades after the trauma has ended. Therapy can help you process and understand distressing events, as well as grieve, soothe old wounds, rebuild a sense of safety, and feel more free to focus on the present. 

Finding Your Voice

People who have set aside their own feelings and desires to accommodate others and now want to express themselves more openly. You may want to experience greater intimacy in your relationships, set firmer boundaries, or just feel more at ease with speaking up. Therapy provides a place for you to discover your own voice and to understand why it may have been difficult before now.


Particularly when it manifests as self-doubt, difficulty speaking up for yourself, and a general sense of low motivation or "feeling lost." Therapy can help you reconnect with your wants and needs, quiet your harsh inner critic, and discover more skillful ways to tend to difficult thoughts and feelings. 


Individual and couples therapy for people who want to effectively manage conflicts and differences, communicate vulnerable feelings, balance intimacy with independence, identify and set boundaries, work through feelings of distrust and insecurity, or create bonds that feel safer and more satisfying.

LGBTQ identities

LGBTQ people, including non-binary and gender queer people, who want to work with a therapist who is well-versed in queer and trans-specific concerns, terms, and relationship dynamics. Whether you are seeking support with coming out, self-acceptance, managing societal pressures and stigma, navigating family issues, finding support and community, or just being you, I have a professional and personal affinity for providing support to LGBTQ people.


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