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I believe that we heal and grow best in connection with others, and that our emotions, even the painful ones, provide us with important information about what we need and where we should be headed.

For over twenty years, I've helped adults, teens, and couples listen more deeply to their emotions and longings. With the spirit of compassionate curiosity, together we'll uncover helpful information about your needs, desires, decisions and relationships..

Rather than denying and hiding the parts of you that "don't fit in", I'll invite you to be curious and welcoming of the things that make you unique. 

I have training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, women's and gender studies, and social work. This combination of perspectives helps me to focus on your internal experience (thoughts, feelings, dreams, memories) while also recognizing the impact of social, cultural, racial and gender dynamics on your sense of self, your relationships, and how you see the world. 

Each client has a different path, and we'll work together to find what feels most helpful for you in our sessions. I am open to your feedback regarding our work, and we will regularly check in to make sure that you are feeling understood and that we are addressing the concerns and issues that feel most relevant to you. 

Oakland therapy, psychotherapy, counseling
Oakland therapy, psychotherapy, counseling

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